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LTR 53: Three big trends to watch in MedTech

LTR 53: Three big trends to watch in MedTech

Insights from a Let's Talk Risk! conversation with Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor

“The regulatory landscape is changing significantly and it is too hard to keep up.”

That is why Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor advises risk practitioners to be “super proactive” in following these rapid changes, understand the impact, and take a leading role in preparing their organizations.

In this Let’s Talk Risk! conversation, we focus on three big trends in MedTech - the shift from Quality System (QS) regulation to Quality Management System Regulation (QMSR), a new regulatory focus on cybersecurity in medical devices, and shifting regulations of lab developed tests (MDT).

Listen to this Let’s Talk Risk! conversation with Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor, which also includes an open discussion with the audience. Jump to a section of interest using these timestamps.

00:02:30 Introduction

00:04:00 Trend 1: Shift from QSR to QMSR in the US

00:07:40 Trend 2: Regulatory focus on cybersecurity in medical devices

00:10:30 Trend 3: Regulating Lab Developed Tests (LDT) in the US

00:13:10 General discussion: Learning opportunities at universities

00:33:07 Closing comments and key takeaways

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About Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor

Jennifer Mascioli-Tudor is currently the Founder and Principal Consultant at JMT consulting offering advisory services to MedTech startups and small manufacturers in business, regulatory and quality management strategy. She is also an instructor at UC San Diego where she teaches regulatory fundamentals and design controls. Her industry experience includes leading roles at J&J, Boston Scientific, Medtronic and GE. She holds a B.S. degree in Physiology/Chemistry/French, and an MBA in Global Business Management.

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Let’s Talk Risk! with Dr. Naveen Agarwal is a weekly live audio event on LinkedIn, where we talk about risk management related topics in a casual, informal way. Join us at 11:00 am EST every Friday on LinkedIn.


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Let's Talk Risk!
Let's Talk Risk! with Dr. Naveen Agarwal
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