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Let's Talk Risk! with Dr. Naveen Agarwal
LTR 35: Tips for improving collaboration in risk management

LTR 35: Tips for improving collaboration in risk management

Insights from a Let's Talk Risk! conversation with Bijan Elahi

The practice of risk management in a heavily regulated industry such as medical devices is hard. There are many challenging questions that must be resolved in a simple way that is both sensible and defensible to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Questions such as how should we estimate P1 and P2 for each risk? How do analyze benefit vs. risk? How do we analyze risks associated with use of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)? What should be our criteria for risk acceptability? How do we manage the many moving parts of our risk management file to ensure its integrity?

There are no clear cut answers to these practical challenges. That is why Bijan Elahi, a leading expert in safety risk management of medical devices, encourages us to collaborate more to find creative solutions to these thorny problems.

There is no shortage of tough problems in risk management. Talking to each other will open up ways and solutions that you may not have imagined.

Collaboration cannot be forced. It requires a willingness and a sense of generosity in sharing our unique insights openly with each other. Management can help by creating an environment where everyone feels safe to engage and share freely. But it is up to all of us to work together and collaborate. Risk management is truly a team sport!

In this highly inspirational conversation, Bijan shares his perspective and tips for improving collaboration in risk management.

About Bijan Elahi

Bijan Elahi is the founder of MedTech Safety and a globally recognized expert on safety risk management of medical devices. He currently serves as a technical fellow and corporate advisor on product safety risk management at Medtronic. In this capacity, he offers education and consulting on risk management to all Medtronic business units worldwide. He has trained over 10,000 people worldwide and his book Safety Risk Management of Medical Devices, now in its second edition, is a bestseller.

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Let's Talk Risk!
Let's Talk Risk! with Dr. Naveen Agarwal
Every Friday, Dr. Naveen Agarwal leads a Let's Talk Risk! conversation with industry colleagues to discuss practical challenges and share best practices in risk management. In the highly regulated world of medical devices, most practitioners struggle with the "how" of risk management. Regulatory requirements are complex, confusing and ever changing. Establishing an effective risk management process that satisfies the scrutiny of regulators and auditors without creating barriers to innovation is a significant challenge in the industry. Dr. Agarwal believes that no single "expert" has all the answers, and it is only when we connect, share and learn from each other that we all become better. Let us keep learning together!